The founding management team of Richard J. Scott and Peter Jepkes has extensive management and operational experience within the mail distribution courier, freight, shipping, and moving [corporate and residential] sectors. This expertise covers both the domestic, and global markets.

Under their guidance and supervision, worldex has two additional areas of personnel support where we service our customer requirements. Firstly, an experienced team of industry specialists who can help you regardless of your courier, freight, shipping, mailing, distribution or logistics requirements. And secondly, an experienced network of Worldwide service partners.

Regardless of your needs in the US domestic or global markets, be assured that worldex has the experience and support you need to meet your objectives.

Richard J. Scott, President & CEO

Richard’s career in the industry is formidable. He has been at the forefront of a number of companies in senior management positions for over twenty years. During that period he has guided companies through various stages of their development, to becoming important players in the industry. He has also provided a range of consultancy services to businesses within the transportation industries.

Richard has always focused on the importance of Customer Service issues, and the building of Partnerships with his customers. His philosophies have proven success with customers ranging from the large multinationals-with clients that included Mobil, General Electric and Polygram-to smaller, very individualistic organizations dealing with valuable and irreplaceable items that need shipping across the globe. Clients in this area included fine art, antiques, museums and galleries, where safety and on-time delivery is absolutely critical to their business.Through his industry experience and contacts, Richard has established an extensive network of service partners for WorldEx that can meet the demands of any type of worldwide distribution need – either in the US Domestic or International markets.

Peter Jepkes, Executive Vice President

Peter Jepkes 30 plus years experience in the transportation industry has primarily focused on air courier services-with responsibilities in both the Domestic and International markets. He has held various executive management, administrative, and sales positions within several well-known organizations in the industry. Since our launch, Peter has been managing the development, and business operations of the West Coast locations. He is currently establishing further WorldEx offices in California. Peter has worked alongside Richard Scott for many years.

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