Packing and Crating


WorldEx is committed to providing the highest level of quality and workmanship in the handling, preparation and packing of materials for our customers. We promise excellent craftsmanship with on-time performance.

Our goal is to ensure the safe crating, packing and transportation of your goods to their final destination – in the US or across the globe. For many years WorldEx has been handling sensitive and valuable shipments for a range of customers. Everything from fine art and antiques, to dangerous and hazardous materials to computer and other high-tech equipment.

  • WorldEx will pick up at your residence or business -free of charge
  • WorldEx delivers to any address – residential or business. Anywhere, anytime (domestic and – international deliveries) No Hidden Charges!
  • WorldEx excels at packing everything from computers to heavy equipment. Our Fine Art Division professionally packs each piece of fine art or antiques with quality materials for maximum protection.
  • From $100 to $1,000,000 our insurance policy was created especially for WorldEx to address our customers’ special requirements.
  • Our rates are extremely competitive. Just call or fax for a rate quote.
  • Moving and storage companies usually have 1,000-pound minimums. We don’t! Our trucks and planes are routed direectly. You never wait for the next truckload.
  • Utilizing our computerized tracking system, we are able to pinpoint your shipment at any given time, which gives our customers peace of mind.

The Benefits of Utilizing WorldEx& Logistics

  • Reliability
    WorldEx & Logistics enjoys an on time performance factor or 98.7% with claims representing less than ]/4 of one percent of all shipments.
  • Flexibility
    By land, air or ocean… we deliver on time, every time. Your schedule determines our schedule. We’ll pick up at your convenience and your shipment will be where you want it to be, when you want it to be there.
  • Tracking
    We can locate any shipment, any time. With our internal monitoring system, w$ can keep you up-to-date with regard to your shipment status.
  • Insurance
    We fully insure even your most valuable shipments. We regularly insure up to $100,000 of value and can insure unlimited value by special arrangement with our insurance provider.
  • Accessibility
    We’re always available to answer any question, 24/7, offering helpful advice, solving your specific problem or assisting you with your customer.
  • Ability
    WorldEx & Logistics has the ability you can trust to get the job done right! Our job is to save you time-consuming headaches and help you increase your sales by providing reliable, affordable specialty freight handling services.
  • Professional Packaging and Crating Globenet excels at packaging everything from fine art and antiques to computers and heavy equipment. Our fine art division professionally packs each piece of fine art or antiques with quality materials for maximum protection.

We specialize in the expert handling of:

  • Fine art
  • Sculptures
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Heirlooms
  • Estates
  • Wood Crating
  • Doublewall Corrugated Packaging
  • Next Day & Second Day Delivery
  • Deferred Shipping
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Domestic & International
  • Blanket Wrap Domestic
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WorldEx is pleased to present our customers with a wide range of shipping services.

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